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The Alex Losky Real Estate Group has, for over twenty years, been marketing both in Israel and abroad(ou bien worldwide) the largest prestigious projects, commercial and residential real estate located in the metro areas of of Jerusalem, Tel-Aviv, Herzliya, Raanana, Ashdod and Eilat. A real estate purchase is more than an investment, it often represents the project of a lifetime. Listening and talking are crucial to our approach; two essential factors that enable us to best respond to your needs and wishes.

We do not measure our success by the number of transactions closed. Our purpose is to satisfy you by offering you the property suited to your life project. 

Our comprehensive and experienced market knowledge as well as our skill of our regional consultants enable us to offer you personalized solutions to each case.

Buying in a new project – Group purchase – Secondhand – Property management – Rental – Purchase/resale

The Alex Losky Real Estate Group has built up its business to satisfy European and American investors in Israel. We have created the Concept Nadlan Company exclusively at the service of its Israeli developer partners (Africa Israel, Ashdar, Azorim, Rasco, Aharoson, Tsarfati, Yahad Habonim and others). Concept Nadlan.

Our real estate consultants are here to assist you by guiding you in recognizing important decison making factors such as:

  • The quality of the property(location, construction, amenities, etc)
  • The right purchase price.
  • The overall cost of ownership.
  • The time you can give to a purchase and afterwards to managing the property.
  • The bottom line, the real return on your transaction.


Get the best exposure for your property – years of experience and reputation has made our marketing communications one of our strongest holding points: targeted mailings to potential buyers, newsletters, press releases, websites, store fronts, social media and networks and much more ensure you to receive maximum visibility.  Giving Alex Losky Real Estate Group exclusivity increases even further the potential of contacts and coverage and the speed of a sale.


Sellers often give the sale of their real estate to several realtors, thinking that way they are improving their chances of selling at the right price. This is in fact not at all the case, and in most major countries people work on exclusivity, based upon both confidence and professionalism.


To buy before selling or to sell before buying? To avoid this stress, the Alex Losky Real Estate Group has developed services and support to optimize the links in the stages of this double project. Working with our partners, we will guide you and advise you in setting up your financial planning in terms of real estate loans and the likes.


You want to build up a portfolio of rental properties but you do not have the time or the enthusiasm to look after your assets on a daily basis? Ask the Alex Losky Real Estate Group. Our team can provide specialist services designed for the peace of mind of both landlord and tenant.